Certification made easy


The client exporting to either country of the Eurasian Economic Union instructs CIS Certification. There are 4 main steps to obtain the EAEU/CU TR certification


CIS Certification originally started in 1995. Certification for the Eurasian countries turned out to be such a unique field of knowledge that we decided to create CIS Certification B.V.


The EAEU/CU TR system comprises both Declarations of Conformity (DoC) and Certificates of Conformity (CoC), each with their own conditions.


We now also orientate ourselves on non-EAEU countries, such as other Eastern European countries outside of the EAEU, China, India and Africican countries.

Certification made easy

The best solution for your specific situation

CIS Certification, as a well experienced certification company, can guide you through what is the best solution for your specific situation. Years of experience, customer focus and strategically forged partnerships around the world made us recognized and trusted industry experts not only in the area of certification but also other services that include but not limited to, customs clearance, translations, creation of Technical Passports and risk assessments.

A few things we’re great at

The EAEU certification is a unique field of knowledge and recently we also orientated ourselves on other regions. We have offices in several European and Eurasian countries and when acting under your orders we cooperate with local people and with the best certification bodies, with whom we have a trustworthy business relationship for years.


Years of experience, customer focus and strategically forged partnerships around the world made us recognized and trusted industry experts in the area of certification.


Through us it is easy to do business. We arrange transport, customs clearance, advice on contracts and communication, and your business trip. We have joined forces with East West Forwarding (EWF), BRIC Travel and ICR-Solutions under the common denominator Qombination.


Safety Justifications, Strength Calculations, technical translations and more. When acting under your orders we will cooperate with local people, with whom we have had a trustworthy business relationship in place for years.


We translate documents from and to several languages, including, but not limited to Dutch, Kazakh, Russian, Azeri and English. All adjusted to the relevant culture(s).

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