Who are we

CIS Certification originally started in 1995, under the name CIS Commodity Inspection Services. The EurAsian Customs Union certification turned out to be such a unique field of knowledge that we decided to create CIS Certification B.V., the sister-company of CIS Commodity Inspection Services. We have offices in both Russia and in the Netherlands and when acting under your orders we cooperate with local people and with the best certification bodies, with whom we have a trustworthy business relationship for years. Certificering Certificaat Rusland Kazachstan Wit-Rusland Armenië Kirgizië EAC

Mirèse Heijting and Paul Schweitzer run CIS Certification and they work with a professional and knowledgeable team in Russia and in the Netherlands. Also we have joined forces with East West Forwarding (EWF), Lighthouse Russia and ICR-Solutions under the common denominator Qombination and so with all activities in the Customs Union we can offer you the suitable network. Certificering Certificaat Rusland Kazachstan Wit-Rusland Armenië Kirgizië EAC